Welcome to Virtue CP Church!

Virtue Cumberland Presbyterian Church from Strategic Cinema on Vimeo.

Hello, my name is Rev. Steve Graham, pastor at Virtue CP Church in Farragut. My family and I have been
here for two years now and are extremely happy that we are back in East Tennessee. Today I am very
excited because I pastor at a small conservative bible-based church that still believes in the inerrant
word of God.

Virtue Cumberland Presbyterian church has been serving this community since 1877 and has
been doing it in a family-oriented old-fashioned kind of way. You know: ice cream socials, pie suppers, and
yard sales to raise money; traditional hymns, bell ringing, and preaching from the Bible. We offer a great
family atmosphere, children’s church, nursery, and the love of church. We have a great facility and I
encourage you to watch our video to see everything on top of our little hill. We invite all people to come visit
and see for yourselves the God centered church we call Virtue.

Lately the word of God for us at Virtue has been focused on power. The power that comes from
the Holy Spirit. Paul talks a lot about the power of God’s word. Jesus tells his disciples that he will send
them this power. The early church in the book of acts receives the word as a mighty rushing wind. Paul,
Peter, John and the other disciples worked many miracles in Christ while calling upon this power. Today I
think we are embarrassed to talk about or display our spiritual selves. We are too comfortable in our
own little cosmos to tell others about the miracle that is Christ. If you feel alone, broken, embattled or
just want God back in your life or in your family’s life come visit at Virtue Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

–Brother Steve