Devotion for October 14

Deuteronomy 10:14

To the LORD your God belong the heavens, even the highest heavens, the earth and everything in it.

We all think we own things. Our possessions are important to us. Our houses, cars, jewelry, even shoes are important to some people. Having a different pair for every day of the week, month or for some every day. We have knock knacks, cell phones, cd’s, movies and all kinds of toys. But it all belongs to God we are renting everything. Every resource in the universe God made. So now that we know our landlord is God it should make sense to tithe and restore resources to God thru churches, salvation army, global charities, missions and in whatever way you wish to express your thanks and acknowledgment of your blessings. Haiti could sure use some help!

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  1. John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible

    Deuteronomy 10:14
    ” Behold, the heaven, and the heaven of heavens, are the Lord’s
    thy God…”
    Made and possessed by him; the airy and starry heaven, the third heaven, which is the heaven of heavens, the seat of the divine Majesty, the habitation of angels and glorified saints:

    “… the earth [also], with all that therein is;…”
    that is his property, and at his disposal, being made by him, and all that is upon it, or contained in it, even whatsoever is on or in the whole terraqueous globe;

    see ( Psalms 115:15 Psalms 115:16 ) .
    Psalms 115:15
    ” You are blessed of the Lord…”
    The Arabic version reads it, “we are blessed”; with temporal and with spiritual blessings; being the beloved of the Lord, chosen of him; whose sins are pardoned, whose persons are justified by the righteousness of Christ; who are put among the children of God, and are heirs of God, and joint heirs with Christ; regenerated by his Spirit, favoured with communion with God, and wrought up to some degree of conformity to Christ, and shall ever be with him.

    “…Which made heaven and earth;…”
    and so able to bless with all kind of blessings, both heavenly and earthly; and from whom all help and assistance may be hoped for, and who may be trusted and confided in: and this, it may be, is observed to distinguish him from the idols of the Gentiles, who made not the heavens and the earth; and who are not able to bless, nor give the least relief to any of their votaries.

    Psalms 115:16
    The heaven, even the heavens, are the Lord’s
    Not only the visible heavens, the airy and starry regions, which are within our sight; but the heaven of heavens, the third heaven, into which the Apostle Paul was caught, and heard and saw things not to be uttered; and which is, as the Targum expresses it,
    “for the majesty of the glory of the Lord:”
    he is the maker, owner, proprietor, and possessor of them all: but the third heaven is more especially the seat of his majesty; where he has prepared the throne of his glory, where he keeps court; where his ministers, his angels, wait upon him, observe his orders, and execute his will; and which he has prepared for his saints to dwell with him in to all eternity.
    But the earth hath he given to the children of men;
    to Adam and his posterity, to dwell in it, to till it, and enjoy the fruits of it; yet so as not to leave it entirely to the care of men, and have no concern in it, and the affairs of it, as some licentious persons would from hence conclude; as if God had took the heavens to himself, and only minded the persons and things in that, and never concerned himself about the earth, and persons and things there; having disposed of it to the children of men, and left it to their conduct: for though he has given it to them for their use, yet he has still a claim upon it, and can and does dispose of it, and order all things in it, according to his pleasure; and men, from the highest to the lowest, are accountable to him, being but stewards, and at most but deputies and viceroys, under him: besides the words may be rendered, “and the earth which he hath given to the children of men” F1; that is his also, as well as the heavens. This the Lord gives to the children of men as their portion; and sad is the case of such, when this is their all; but to his own children he gives heaven, the kingdom of heaven, eternal glory and happiness. Maimonides F2 gives the sense of the whole passage thus;
    “God only perfectly knows the truth, nature, substance, form, motion, and causes of the heavens: and to man he has given, that he may understand what are under the heavens; because they are the world, and as it were his house, in which he dwells, and of which he is a part.’…”

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