Devotion for October 18

Ecclesiastes 10:18

If a man is lazy, the rafters sag; if his hands are idle, the house leaks.

Laziness sneaks up on us. We can be hard workers in our jobs and lazy at home or vice versa. If you have a spouse be a good helpmate. But I want to ask you today about your spiritual laziness. Have you read a chapter in the Bible? Have you found a good Christian book to read? Are you involved in church outreach or Sunday School? How about missions? Our missions group only has women. How about it ladies do you want men involved? Let us help one another to keep our rafters straight.

2 thoughts on “Devotion for October 18

  1. Wow well Pastor Steve I would love to step up to the plate as it were and be used. I think (correct me if I overreach I may help doing Bible Research and prepare Outreach materials.)

    This is my gift I believe from my years of training Preschool to PhD level “taking” and “teaching.” Apparently I was born with a hot spot for language. I do not boast I do praise the Lord! All glory goes to him alone.

    As our dear friend Pastor Jack always signs his email:
    Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone)
    Jack Wellman
    Pastor & Sinner, Saved by Grace
    Telling Ministries Talking Truth Through Technology
    Here is one of his Today’s Devotionals

    Hi Patricia Gantt, here is today’s shareable story of the day.
    Here are five signs your church might be dying. No Missions I love our little church. We’re the smallest in our community, but we have the heart of missions; that is, we are seeking to serve as Jesus commanded the church to serve. He says, “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I …
    Read/Watch in entirety: 5 Signs Your Church Is Dead or Dying

    I am refreshed daily by having time with Our Lord Jesus Iesous Y’shua. Each day a new opportunity to pray, read His Holy Word, and do Berean explorations and devotionals. Per usual the Holy Spirit leads when 2 or more different sources meld well into a topic, question, and answer. We obviously need to pay attention to be blessed!

    Pastor Steve you and my other dear friend Pastors and ministers have much in common as the Holy Spirit flows between us followers of Jesus in His body of believers.


    Now do NOT allow me to touch money. I have dyscalculia and have relearned math 3 times in my adult life… what GOD gives he also takes away lest we boast. I think addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is higher math!

    Offer made!
    Love Patty

    P.S. see you tomorrow on the bus ride to Watts Bar Dam and Uncle Gus’s BBQ. Joe was said he would “probably” come tomorrow to help us navigate… another problem I have is no directional skill at all!

    I literally got lost one time in a rotunda when I was working as an aid in our Pellissippi State Computer Lab. Sad!

  2. ! VCPC Featured > HEY STEVE READ TODAY’s EMAILS about Noah’s Ark and the Covenant Rainbows !

    This is the kinda’ stuff I can do to help the church… again NO is a good answer too :)
    Offer made… Pastor Jack and Berit use my research and I do editing for them.

    Love, Patty

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