Devotion for November 3

Hebrews 11:3

By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

A large portion of people believe this to be true. So if it is then it stands to reason the Bible is as well. How does it benefit us to believe one verse and not another? We must believe in the total inerrancy of the scriptures to trust God. If there is a lack of trust there remains a lack of faith. The Bible is the truth and contains everything we need to know to become God’s children. But what i find to be the case is most people haven’t actually read the Bible so therefore don’t know what to believe. Pick it up and read and see God.

2 thoughts on “Devotion for November 3

  1. Amen!

    I feed and drink of the Holy Bible everyday. My days have progressively improved since I discovered the truly the greatest Book ever written.

    Our Guidebook for life here and for everlasting life as the ribbon is parted.

    I maintain that everything we need is written in the Bible. It may not use my name within the pages and my peculiar situations but the answer is always there. Just pray for direction by the Holy Spirit. As we read more we grow in His Grace.


  2. This is keeper information to cut and paste to a document or send yourself an email and drives.
    The next time you encounter someone who says the Bible is not the truth and GOD does not exist have these thoughts handy.
    We are told to be ready at all times to give the reason for our faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
    If you don’t read the Bible how will you respond with confidence and reasons for even the most skeptical?

    Fulfillment of Prophesy and the Truth of the Bible
    The Mathematical Proof for Christianity Is Irrefutable

    The Messiah and Jerusalem: The Amazing Prophecy of Daniel

    The Messiah

    Messianic Prophecy

    Is there any conclusive proof of God?

    In the Lord’s freedom to explore His creation……….warrior on!

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