Devotion for August 10

Genesis 3:9

“But the Lord God said, ‘where are you?'”

In the garden with God after they had sinned Adam and Eve felt compelled to hide. Sounds silly, huh? Most Christians hide daily from their walk with Christ. Time is of the essence. Friends may think you’re silly.

I listened as Bret Favre gave his acceptance speech at the Hall of Fame. I want to thank my family, mother, father, brother sister and wife and kids. Then in front of millions of people: friends, family complete strangers on the most important day of his career, stated: “I want to thank Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I am truly blessed,” he said. Ever think God is not there? The Lord is always by your side thick or thin. We cannot hide. We can be ashamed of the way we act or did not act. Everyone is sending post after post on Facebook. Will God approve of us this day. We are truly blessed!

Love the Lord openly today!