Devotion for August 20

Psalm 25:11

“For the honor of your name O’Lord, forgive my many,many sins!”

Well, I am inclined to believe this verse applies to everyone. It’s not just that we sin, we even commit heinous sins and just write it off to “oh well.” As Christians we know Christ died for our past sins, our sins of today, and tomorrow. When we sin we dishonor God, but God forgives us because His mercy and forgiveness bring honor to His name. We know we sin yet we do not seek true forgiveness in the way we want others to forgive us. We ask for forgiveness acutely aware that we are probably going to commit said sin again.

When someone sins against us and asks forgiveness we assume the person will not commit the sin again and are surprised and disheartened when it happens. God forgives totally without losing faith in us. That brings honor to His name! Let us not sin to bring Honor to His name!